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Australian Government Considers Making Car Emissions Tougher

12 July 2017

In an article that appears in The Sydney Morning Herald it says a carbon tax on new cars would put up the cost of a new car by $5,000.00 and that is a load of RUBBISH.

1/ Wake up to your self  the reporter who reported this garbage. This report that the productivity commission has put out has been around for 18 months.

2/ Get the facts straight as well. It is an idea that new cars meet new emissions standard that many countries have instigated in improving air quality as well as reducing greenhouse gases.

3/ The cost is not as dramatic as you have people believe becuse many car companied are producing cars that have stronger emissions control than Austrlia already has.

4/ Many emissions coming from cars in Australia are not even world standard and that also goes to the quality of the fuel that runs them.

5 We are up to some 5 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to car emissions. So get the facts straight.

6/ The Australian Government have canned that overnight so again misinformed and again you wonder why people are leaving this once great paper in droves you idiots.

Image result for audi a7 2017 Audi A4, A4 Avant, A4 Allroad, A6, A7, A8 (MY17)

10 March 2017

This is an interesting recall that has been issued and pertians to airbags and safety issues with the seat belt pretensioners.

On affected vehicles, there are irregularities in the mix ratio of the igniting agent in some airbag units or belt tensioners which could lead to the airbags/belt tensioners not triggering in the event of an accident.
Airbag units and seat belt tensioners not working as expected may lead to increased injuries to the vehicle occupants during an accident.
This is what shuld be done the problem here of course is that it does not give you confidence in Audi products and guess what the ACCC is taking court action against Audi for misleading information about their cars.

Nissan Has Been Successfully Prosecuted for Diesel Emissions Scandal?

10 February 2017

Image result for nissan qashqaiIn South Korea Nissan motor company has been prosecuted for the same thing VW has been prosecuted for emissions tampering on the scale of VW has in many countries. A court has found that the Quashqui  diesel model tricked emissions tests similar to VW's emissions scandal.

So you would have to ask how many more manufacturers have engaged in this pracice and at the moment it seems that everyone is not immune from this practice and is quite fraudualent to do so.

The question is do all diesel vehicles need to be tested and make sure they conform to the latest emissions rating set by various governments around the world so confidence can be restored in these manufacturers.

Ford Mustang only Gets Safety Rating of 2 In ANCAP Rating?

ford mustang.jpg8th February 2017

Waiting for this car to buy? Have you put a deposit on it and if you have you may really need to think twice befor you buy this car and prt with your hard earned dollars.

The rating is based on the European standard of the crash test that are done on cars being offered for sale as we as a country also follow because it has the highest standards of testing new cars in the world.

This finding is not satisfactory due to the low safety crash test as it indicates this car is a death trap let alone high risk of major injury to head and body if you survived a crash.

It was found that air bag deployment was not sufficient enough and that the occupant head hit the dash and the driver would hit the steering wheel .

Yet Ford spin says that this car is one of the safest cars that they built to date well I am sorry it has not and the information that keeps coming out has been basically dismissed by Ford motor company..

Many of the media have given this car neither the thumbs up or any glowing endorsement of a car that if you want something different buy it.DON'T buy it because it is a death trap even a chinese car would have more safety than this rather expensive toy.

Cars Sold Here Does it Matter Where They Are Built?

12 September 2016

So is it important where your car is built these days.In most cases it really does not matter as many manufacturers have production plants around the world and you may be surpised whre certain models are built these days.

Many manufatcturers have cars built to specifications and qulity which would be th same if they were built in the home country of the manufacturer.Surprisingly many c

Japanese car makers have their cars built in Thailand and not just in Japan.An example is the Toyota Kleuger is built in the United States.and others in plants around the world.

To most we really don't care where cars are built for the Australian market as long as the cars represent quality,reliability and parts are readily available.However as Chinese manufacturers quickly take advantage of learning about quality may be many of our cars may be sourced from there .Time will only tell.

Mazda Rotary Making a Comeback

26 August 2016

There has been confirmation in Japan that the laconic Mazda sports car the RX is set for a comeback and that it has been further developed with the sky active  technology allowing for a 1.6 litre  295 kilowatts of power.

This means that it would have twin rotors in the engine. Most if not all manufacturers have gone the traditional way of petrol piston engines and the reason for that is that the rotary engine technology has been a revolution however has proved not to be as fuel efficient or reliable.

The car more or less will be called the RX9 and with that it would not be hard to go past as mazda trademarked the RX name badge.


New Product

5 July 2016

We are selling an insurance type product that will help save you from disaster and it will be something we may not think about. It is for when you may fill up your fuel tank in your car with the wrong fuel. 

Say you were filling up your car when you realised that it was diesel you were putting into your car and not petrol.Oh oh!!!. you break down and your car has stopped and unfortunately you are in for a lot of money for repairs. For as little as $75.00 per year you will have piece of mind. For more information please see our contact page and get in touch or request more information.

Yes City to Surf

17th June 2016

Thats right just like the headline says I am walking or maybe jogging in the Sydney City to Surf this year and in aid of charity. I would like tothink those of you who would be able to take part and those who are unable to take part could donate to my charity that I am walking for and that is Mary Mckillop Foundation.

This foundation helps underpriveleged children with education.I find that education is important and something we or some may take for granted. Please help me to help others. There is a donation link and if you feel you would like to donate and help me reach the target just clink the link.


Nominated for Local Business Award.

12 May 2016

Today it is announced that Quality Auto Search has been nominated for the local business awards for the St George region of Sydney Australia.

This is a prestigious award and this business has been nominated some 2 yars in a row for the award in the category of Automotive Services. This category is a very competitive one where many businesses are nominated but do not make the finals..

I am pleased to be nominated let alone be a finalist and thank those who have been kind to nominate my business.

Car Buying Why are You Going Through This?

31 March 2016

Car buying should be fun right? It is not and a lot of people like you are not being given the right information about cars and being treated like some herd of cattle or sheep.

It happens all the time and you are not alone and the car dealers say that people buying cars with hold information that can help them determine best how to help their customers. Saying that though what happens is that the dealers are playing the customer game as well.

So why go through this? Is it the fun of the chase or is it the deal you think you might get.Sorry it wont happen and you may come away from the car buying experience a little shaken up by the experience.

You don't have to any more Just buy the car through my business and all you have to do is drive the car that you want to buy.

Contact Us go on you know you want to and save all that hassel.

Why Do You Need to Wash Your Car?

12 February 2016

Good question. The reason is very simple on the outside when washing your car you are removing the build up of pollutants on the paintwork as well as the dirt that is on the car from normal driving around in the city to and from work.

Yes many of don't seem to have the time however when you do clean the outside it makes a difference keeping the paint work free from pollutants as over time will wear down the clear laquer that covers the paint and the car becomes looking flat and dirty.

Also by cleaning it you would probably give the car a waxing which also adds a protective layer of the cars paint and it is recomended that it done at least once every 6 to 12 months.

What about the interior and yes this should be done at the same time and reason for this is simple. by cleaning the interior of the car the dust and debris builds up which in turns gets into the filters of the cars air conditioning and can become a place where  bacteria can live and make you very sick. By keeping the inside of the car clean you wont have the smell build of food dirty seats etc.

So have a look at your car and keep it clean if you do and when it comes time to sell your car it will fetch a better price at sale or trade in. Always remember a well looked after car will always give you a much higher price when selling.

Australian Government Announcement Hits Car Industry like a Bombshell ?

11 February 2016

What has been a really and totally a lack of information from the Austrlain government has left everyone shattered with disbelief becuase everyone thought that the issue of parallel imports was dead and buried.

Obviously every one thought so until the Australian government announced it would allow people or individuals to buy cars overseas from Japan and Great Britain only. The individuals would then have to pay all the import duties and the have it shipped here .

Those costs alone would start to make it expensive to land a car here. The other problems are also what the government is mentally laking in is they have just opened the gate for organised crime to bring stolen cars to Australia.

Cars that available in those 2 countries would not suit Australian conditions and are developed for the country they are in.Meaning that the mechanical and safety is also set up differently. Parts alone would be difficult to obtain and also the manufacturers would not support the cars,  if something goes wrong.

Having this ill thought out and lame policy there was no consultation to industry when and if this was going to happen. Shows the lack of temerity to allow industry to reply to such decisions when they are being made in our name.

If you think you are getting a cheaper deal forget by the time you may have purchased the car overseas you have to think of the exchange rate, transport charges,customs and excise and all the local costs just to get it on the road.Sorry this is a very lame exercise.