Finance Application

To help us with getting behind the wheel of your new car . We can offer you a finance package that may be of benefit to you. For convenience we have included a finance application form that can be easily down loaded and filled out.

There are some things we may need to go with the finance application.A copy of your indentification e.g. a photo drivers licence that is current.A copy of at least 2 pay slips from your current employer. These are some of the things that we may require.

To download the document just press"The Access Button" and it will direct you to the downloadable form.Once you have done that you can fax or email me the application for finance to be looked at and forwarded to the appropriate finance company.

Please NOTE that this finance application document is for:

  • Leases
  • Novated Leasing
  • Corporate Hire Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgages
  • Equipment Finance

This will still be subject to normal finance company approval criteria.

Privacy Act

Being a professional and caring organisation and the information that is provided by you to us for finance we wold require you to fill out this privacy form.

It will allow us to send the information to the finance provider for assesment of your application. This will also allow the finance company to make enquiries about you from the information provided by you.

This is a safeguard to you as you are allowing the information to be provded in a safe environment.


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