Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can you help someone interstate to buy a car?

Answer: I can help some one buy a car even if you are interstate. It does not matter where you are interstate we can in most cases organise a car for you.

What we cannot do is organise cars for business people in remote areas of Australia. You may have to go to the nearest major town or service centre to be able to get a car however I can negotiate a deal on your behalf in that place of business where you would like to buy a car.

Question 2: Do you offer a fully maintained lease?

Answer: Yes we have that facility available to you in small business called a grow package and contact us for full details.

Question 3: How do I get paid?

Answer: You the buyer do not have to pay me for my services we are paid by the dealer or finance companies as a form of commission or payment bringing them business.

Question 4: How much will I save?

Answer: You save at least $500.00 on a new car purchase and a lot more depending on the type of car that you are wanting to buy.With used cars prices will vary but you will not end up with a lemon

Question 5: Will I be buying my car from you or a dealer?

Answer: The car will be bought and delivered by a dealer authorised by a manufacturer.In reality a new car dealership.Ownership of the car is transferred from the car dealer to you.

Question 6: Do I have to see a dealer?

Answer: No,you don't have to at all. Test drives can be arranged if you prefer and avoid the negotiations. If you go and see a dealer be aware of the tricks and nasty surprises they pull just to get you under the pressure and guilt phase. If you like you can do research on the internet for information you may like to have.

Question 7: What if I find a deal and change my mind?

Answer: Changing your mind is o.k. Please bear in mind that we are a business and we spend a lot of time and money chasing deals for you our customer.I ask then what happens if you changed your mind when you had a plumber ,builder or even someone doing work for you you would have to pay them for the work they did. Same as us we will send you an account for the work we did.

Question 8: Why would I want to use such a service?

Answer: The reasons may be many from having very little time to buy a new car to not having to go through all the hassle of buying a brand new car.

So if you would like to buy a car with a hassle free experience then it might be worth contacting us.So why not email us or just pick up the phone to discuss your needs.