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Behind the Wheel

Behind the Wheel is a multi-platform automotive media outlet. Specializing in new car reviews, car industry news and advice, podcasts and Fee Free Car Classifieds. Cehck out today.

We even advertise with them as they can get results than having to pay like the big guys.

Our Blog :

We now have a blog that will be kept up to date on a regular basis where

we will have information about our business and what trends are occuring in the car market place. This where we will publish a lot of our new information as it occurs . Or we will even put an update on press release page where you will find more information.

rta.jpgThe RTA

Is responsible for promoting road safety and traffic management, driver licensing and vehicle registration. It is also responsible for the maintenance and development of the National Highway and State Road network in NSW.

If you want to register you car or chhange records go to

auto_glym.jpgAuto Glym

Autoglym products are to be found in all areas of automotive activity and are as equally suited to the professional user, the concours competition enthusiast and the family car owner.

Autoglym enjoys technical approvals from many leading automotive manufacturers and close associations with owners car clubs. The company also maintains a very high public profile and attends many automotive related events.

QAS Recruitment:

QAs Rec Connecting people.jpg

I have created a recruitment service for the car industry in which is a great industry. I have many years of experience within the car industry. We put you the applicant first and foremost into a place where you and your talents shine and ensure on going support.

Most recruitment agencies get the fee from the employer and may not end up caring about you  the person. We have a continual follow up ensuring things are waht they are and you are enjoying your employment.

Currently I dont have a web preference however I will ensure that will occur in a short amount of time so you can see we do have a presence and a business.

QAS recruitment is always about you the person.If you would like to contact you can do so on 02 4622 5943 and discuss your needs.

Tyre Right

Want a better way to buy your tyres.You can even buy your tyres online and if you not even sure contact them and they will help you.Want a great experience buying tyres for your car then just click on the heading above and it will take you to the website.