Our Services


We help our customers to get finance for their new cars. We can help organise many types of finance for cars, and that can be a lease for a business car.

We use one of the biggest finance companies in Australia and have many financing alternatives for you.

These are:

  • Corporate Hire Purchase
  • Chattel Mortgages
  • Leases
  • Novated Leases
  • Equipment Finance
  • Operating Leases

There is an easy application form that you can fill out by just clicking on the link http://www.qualityautosearch.com.au/pg_finance.php and it will take you directly to the page you  need. This is in word format .You can type out all your information and send it via email directly to me for processing.

After Market Accessories

After Market AccessoriesBecause we are so passionate about cars I have been asked about after market services especially car window tinting, paint protection and upholstery protection.

I have personally seen the damage that can be done by tree sap, pollution and bird droppings on a cars paint work. Once this occurs it can devalue your car considerably.

For a small investment you can save a lot of time when washing your car or even when things accidently fall on your car. Keeping you car protected and more easier to keep clean.

We can organise to have this done anytime however is best when the car is new. Let me know and we will organise it for you.

After Market Accessories (Window Tinting)

Window TintingI am asked why do you need Window Tint in a car.

In a climate such as ours we need it more as we drive long distances and we can be in our cars for long periods of time. It helps protect the driver and passengers in the car.

Protecting the cars interior upholstery,keep cooler during the summer,prevent glare from other cars and maintain your privacy when driving.

Tinting your windows can also act as a safety barrier if the glass ever gets broken because it can keep glass from shattering everywhere.

It will will keep your car cooler during the summer months by several degrees.

We can arrange to have the tinting done and organised for you and believe me it is such a wise investment in your car.

Fuel Cards

Fuel CardsWhy use a separate fuel card?

When it comes to keeping a separate record for your car a fuel card can make a lot of sense.

Accountants will advise their clients to keep a separate record for tax purposes and running costs.

The card  can be used for fuel,batteries tyres services ,repairs and  accommodation We recommend it as the only universal card for all these services.It just makes good sense when it comes to taxation time.

It makes it easier for your accountant for fringe benefits tax to be worked out. Using a normal credit card for buying these services can get  jumbled with other purchases not giving you accurate information about your car.

Reversing Sensors and CamerasReversing Sensors and Cameras

The NRMA has just come out with a list of cars they have rated as the best and the worst sensors for cars of all types.

Reverse sensors can and do save lives as they can alert you if something is behind the car.It could be a fixed object or even a child.

We can have these fitted to your car at a very reasonable cost and can save you a lot of time money and even save a life.

Help Desk

You know when you have a question and you are not sure what to do when it comes to cars well we can help in a lot of cases. Buying a brand new car to even finding out information on what finance we can offer and most things cars and even when recalls occur we can help you along the way.

You can ring our help desk om during normal business hours. Ring us up and if we dont know we will get answers for you.

Recruitment Service

QAs Rec Connecting people.jpgYes that's right we have a recruitment service that operates for the car industry. However we are not just restricted to the car industry as a whole we do and get requests for jobs outside the car industry. However we do have a penchant for the car industry . You are treated like a person not just a number as many agencies seem to be just that number crunchers and not worry about the individual.

I take it very seriously that you are treated with the respect you deserve and not be judged as is done so esily by interviewers and agencies. We don't.